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Simaura's Roll-Ons

Our top of the line roll-ons are made with powerful synergy blends from the purest essential oils. From winding down to energizing up, from common colds to stress headaches we have a blend for every need and woe. They are safe, effective and convenient to use. These travel-friendly roll-ons are pre-diluted and ready to use – Enjoy a quick swipe of rejuvenation wherever you are! It is perfect to snugly stash it in your handbag, laptop bag, gym bag, work desk and even your pocket for a quick pick-me-up at a moments notice.


Roll-ons also make great gifts, especially for essential oil newbies, as additional dilution with carrier oils is not required. With rolls-ons, we are making aromatherapy a lot more accessible and ready to use. Our essential oil blends are quality assured and never tested on animals.

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