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Simaura is a wellness journey.

A journey that we have embarked on to effectively embody the healing properties of nature. We aim to create healing and rejuvenating experiences right at your home with the power of aromatherapy.


Hi, I'm Simran, Founder & Aromatherapist

My curiosity for natural remedies and healing through alternative therapy blossomed because of my grandmother. Mental health and self-care have always been an essential part of my life.


Instinctively, I became drawn towards the world of Sujok Therapy and Essential Oils. Under the expert guidance of Dr B.N Jha, Mark Perren Jones & Tania Magdalene I explored this world far and wide. After two years of intense training and education, I am now a certified acupressurist and aromatherapist. 


Little did I know that these two years would set me off on an incredible journey of healing, wellness and immense awe and appreciation for our planet. 


My professional stints as the Creative Head at Hilltop and Business Manager at Simar Galleries coupled with the holistic wellness being the need of the hour, motivated me to start SIMAURA—a love child of my passion, profession and everything I believe in.

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Living a life well-balanced–isn’t that what we all strive to attain?

A sense of harmony, a sense of being whole and complete, a sense of feeling aligned.


As a student of aromatherapy, I believe in the power of nature and holistic healing and wanted the logo to reflect that.


Our logo mark ‘S’ sits at the base of a triangle, a shape that primarily indicates balance and resonates with three aspects of life – Mind, Body & Soul.

The line through the triangle symbolises air and when inverse symbolises Earth.

Aromatherapy is a culmination of the earth we live in, the air we breathe and everything in between.

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Come, indulge in the restorative power of aromas.

Each of our essential oil blends is ethically sourced and sustainably crafted with nature’s finest ingredients.

The blends are carefully and mindfully created to provide the best therapeutic experiences to support the specific needs.

Thus, championing holistic wellness that celebrates our body, soul and mother nature.


Simaura as a wellness brand born in the midst of the Pandemic understands the importance of emotional & physical health and its awareness, which is why we are whole-heartedly open bulk/wholesale orders, corporate gifting and retailing. 

Email us at for some great bulk rates!

We also are Authorised Distributors of Plant Therapy products in India.

For reselling opportunities or bulk orders please contact us on:


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