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Helps keep outdoor pests at bay

Cleansing & deodorizing
Soothes irritated skin

More than just a crisp and fresh aroma, Citronella exhibits a multitude of benefits. Its lemony citrus scent with subtle wood tones is often used in soaps and candles.
Citronella is most widely known for usage while outdoors. When camping, hiking or taking any nature trips, Citronella comes in handy in keeping those outdoor annoyances at bay.

Need something to help clean surfaces around the house? Citronella is great for DIY cleaners due to its citronellol and geraniol content.

Citronella Essential Oil 10 mL

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  • Aromatic: Diffuse using 2-3 drops per 100 mL of water.
    Topical: Dilute to 1-3% in a carrier.

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