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  • Comprehensive set of essential oils
  • Perfect for aromatherapy students
  • Packed with therapeutic benefits & DIY opportunities


Your journey into the heart of aromatherapy starts here! Awaken your senses, revitalize your spirit, and dive deep into a world where every aroma tells a story with our Aromatherapy Student Starter Kit.


This isn't just a set of oils; it's a passport to an aromatic adventure. Handpicked for enthusiasts like you, this set boasts an impressive collection of 42 distinct essential oils, each encapsulating the very essence of the plants from which they're derived.


Crafted with meticulous attention to purity and authenticity, each bottle ensures a potent and therapeutic olfactory experience. Mix, blend, or use individually – the possibilities are endless and the results will have you falling in love with aromatherapy again and again.


This set includes the following essential oils: Basil Linalool (10 mL), Bergamot (10 mL), Black Pepper (10 mL), Cardamom (5 mL), Virginian Cedarwood (10 mL), Clary Sage (10 mL), Clove Bud (10 mL), Cypress (10 mL), Eucalyptus Globulus(10 mL), Sweet Fennel (10 mL), Frankincense Carterii (10 mL), Egyptian Geranium (10 mL), German Chamomile (5 mL), Ginger (10 mL), Pink Grapefruit(10 mL), Helichrysum Italicum (2.5 mL), Jasmine Absolute (2.5 mL), Juniper Berry(10 mL), Laurel Leaf (10 mL), Lavender (10 mL), Lemon (10 mL), Lemongrass (10 mL), Sweet Marjoram (10 mL), Melissa (2.5 mL), Myrrh (5 mL), Neroli (2.5 mL), Nutmeg (10 mL), Sweet Orange (10 mL), Palmarosa (10 mL), Patchouli (10 mL), Peppermint (10 mL), Ravintsara (10 mL), Roman Chamomile (5 mL), Rose Absolute (5 mL), Rosemary 1,8-Cineole (10 mL), Indian Sandalwood (2.5 mL), Fir Needle (10 mL), Tea Tree (10 mL), Thyme Thymol (10 mL), Thyme Linalool (10 mL), Vetiver (10 mL), Ylang Ylang Complete (10 mL).

Aromatherapy Student Starter Kit by Plant Therapy

15-25 days from placing the order.
  • This comprehensive set of essential oils includes just about everything you need to target specific concerns or create amazing DIYs! Make sure to check out each oil's label or product page for specific usage instructions.

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